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About us

Sahil Construction is in Construction & Project Management Business since 1995.

Mr. Mahesh N Bhojwani, the Founder of the Company has always been personally involved in every aspect of the business. He started his career with Sahil Lite - Fancy Lights Manufacturing Company. The company has met with grand success within 4 years of it’s inception in all the leading stores across Mumbai. 

Mr. Mahesh N Bhojwani has also been a working partner in one of the leading names in logistic business – M/s. Ailsinghani Transport, one of the biggest C&F agents of M/s. Grasim Industries. The business grew from 5,000 MT p.m. to 80,000 MT p.m. within 5 years. Mr. Mahesh N Bhojwani’s personal involvement, commitment to excellence and ability to manage larger projects professionally gave rise to the incorporation of the Sahil Construction in April 2005. 

Mr. Mahesh N Bhojwani achieved remarkable success in the construction business.

His Mantra to Success - Completion of the Projects before the commitment date and within the stipulated budgets with Quality and Commitment to Service Excellence. This brought him Client Satisfaction and further projects throughout his career. 


Building happiness in concrete world 

Mahesh Bhojwani


Our Mission 

At Sahil Construction, our mission is to offer International Construction services through 

a] Quality. 

b] Cost Effective measures. 

c] Completion of the projects on- time based on Quality Craftsmanship in a timely manner. 

Aim: Committed to the Mission with Service Excellence, Sahil Construction will always strive to create value for our Customers.

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